Monday, May 14, 2012

Google's Doodles!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! In this site, I will review some of the best doodles that we can find on special dates on the Google homepage. But first, a bit of history:

What is a doodle? Well, according to Google itself, they are fun, surprising and even spontaneous changes that their logo goes through when there is some kind of special celebration, anniversary, holiday, or when for some reason we remember on that day the life and/or death of famous artists, scientist, and different personalities from all areas of human culture.

This is what the Google logo looked like when the first doodle was created.

This idea came up on 1998, even before Google was founded, when they started playing with the Burning Man festival that is celebrated in Nevada. They placed the typical drawing of the burning man behind the second "o" from the word Google. Their goal was to send a message to their, by then, few users, that the founders wheren't in the office. The idea stuck and, from then on, Google has been changing its logo to celebrate different dates and events.

This is the "burning man" doodle, the first ever created by Google.

Still, it took another two years until, in 2000, two of Google's founders asked their current webmaster to create a doodle for the Day the Bastille was taken by french revolutionaries. That doodle was so well received by the general public that the person who drew it was named officially named as Google's Doodler.

This is the first Doodle created by the official doodler, Dennis Hwang.

Doodles starting appearing regularly on Google's homepage and, even when at first they only celebrated special dates andholidays, today they represent a huge number of events all across different countries and cultures. In time, the demand for Doodles was so large that Google put a whole team to work on them. In fact, there are over 1000 (that is, one thousand!) different doodles.

Even though there is a professional team of designers, engineers, programmers, and many other people working on doodles, you can send your own idea. Google does not guarantee that your idea will be used, but they do guarantee that your message will be read.

This is a very early Doodle, the second ever made, to celebrate Thanksgiving in 1998.

So there it is folks, a brief history on Doodles, hope you liked it, and look forward to many more updates with new doodles as they come out, and some classic ones for us to enjoy!

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