Thursday, August 9, 2012

London 2012 Hurdles Doodle (August 8, 2012)

After a few static doodles, Google finally gave us what we were all waiting for: interactive, animated doodles! I was really hoping that the company would gift us with one of us, since the times they did it, they came out really good. We all remember the Pacman Doodle from a couple of months before.

This time, the sport that is being tributed is Hurdles, which had already been used in Athens 2004, but nowhere else. Here is that old doodle:

Athens 2004 Hurdles doodle

No doubt we have a winner on which is best here, and I hope for the next few days google surprises us with more interactive doodles. How far can you get? I am struggling to get past the silver medal!

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