Sunday, July 29, 2012

London 2012 Archery Doodle (July 28, 2012)

Keeping along with the Olympic theme, Google published a doodle related to Archery. Here it is.

2012 Olympic Archery Doodle

As it happened with the Opening Ceremony doodle, this is not the first time that this sport is featured on thoogle main site, however, it didn't show up on 2008 during Beijing's games. It was, however, shown on 2004 Athen's games:

2004 Olympic Archery Doodle

This time around, I do like the new design better. It obviously has a lot more work into it, and although the 2004 is also nice, it looks way too much like Sydney 200's Olympic games, where this sport was also featured:

2000 Olympic Archery Doodle

Archery as a sport, is a sport that focuses in shooting arrows at a target, with its objective being having the highest possible accuracy from a set distance. This is called "target archery" and is the one that is practiced at the olympic games. It was precisely on archery that the first medal was won at London's 2012 games, by a chinese athlete.

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