Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Games Opening Ceremony (July 27, 2012)

On this day, Google made a doodle which surprised me quite a bit. For one of the most important events in the year, worldwide, they used a pretty simple doodle. Here it is:

2012 London Olympic Games

Clearly, it simbolizes the spirit of every race in the world competing in different sports, but I am not so sure that the magnitude of the event is actually simbolized in such a simple doodle. The art is nothing amazing either. I think that the 2008 doodle for this event was a bit better. Judge yourselves:

2008 Beijing Olympic Games Doodle

Although smaller, I think it had more to do with the ceremony in itself, and the art is way more original too. Still, you could say that the new one makes better use of colors, and better represents the spirit of the competition, but I feel it falls a bit short. I even liked the 2004 doodle better:

2004 Athens Olympic Games Doodle.

Certainly these doodles have improved a lot over the first ones, as you can see here in the doodle from the year 2000:

2000 Sidney Olympic Games Doodle

This doodles are great to see how much google has progressed on their doodles, and how a lot more work has been put into them as time passed. In the next days, Google will upload different doodles referencing different olympic disciplines, so look out for daily updates for the next month or so.

See ya!

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